Drop Tests and Abort Tests

MARS specializes in high resolution imaging of parachute systems and launch abort tests. High speed imaging sequences and 3-D datasets of parachute deployment and disreefing are available for any altitude from ground to 300,000 feet.

Space-X Dragon Pad Abort Test: Drogue Inflation Sequence. MARS Specializes in high speed documentation of vehicle events including parachute disreefing, sequencing Pyros, and staging events. Note ejection of hexagonal hatch cover, higher resolution images available upon request.

High-speed imaging sequence of parachute deployment during NASA capsule abort systems test

NASA Max-Launch Abort System (MLAS) Test, NASA Wallops Flight Facility. Telescopic imaging and flight documentation of Crew Module extraction - rates and geometry.

High-speed, high-resolution imaging sequence of parachute deployment

NASA Max-Launch Abort System (MLAS). NASA Wallops Flight Facility, VA.

Left: Infrared sequence of crew capsule separation from backshell. Note the small cable visible at lower right of capsule.

Right: Color image of MLAS vehicle at the moment of capsule separation.

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